Chicken with Cashew Nuts

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50 g  Chicken, sliced

1 Tbs.  Cashews, fried

1-2 cloves.  Garlic, chopped

3-4  Dried red spur chilies, sliced in 1” lengths, fried

3-5  Mushrooms, quartered

1  Baby corn, sliced

¼  Onion, large, cubed

¼   Bell peepers

1 stalk  Spring onion, cut in 1” lengths


1 tsp.  Soy sauce

1  tsp.  Sugar

1  Tbs.  Oyster sauce

2  Tbs.  Vegetable oil

1  Tbs.  Chili paste

1/3 cup  Chicken stock


  1. Add the vegetable oil in a wok with garlic , fry until fragrant the add chicken and half chicken stock stir until done.
  2. And then add baby corn, mushrooms, onion and chicken stock , continue stir, and add all seasoning sauce and stir regularly.
  3. Add spring onion , dried spur chilies and cashew nuts , stir quickly .
  4. Remove from heat and serve with rice.



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