Buying & Shopping


Our sales model is based on saving you money by cutting out the numerous middlemen currently handling Thai ingredients.  We are in Bangkok.  We take your order, fill it, consolidate it, put it on a boat or airplane and ship it directly to the nearest seaport or airport.

Since we buy directly from name brand manufacturers in Thailand, our products are authentic and affordable.  If you want “authentic”, this is the place to buy.  Our overhead is low, and we endeavor to pass as much of these savings as possible to you.

The best way to save with us is to buy several months of ingredients at one time.  We will ship to you in bulk, and we can do this at regular intervals.  Your previous orders are saved in your account and every time you login, you can review them.  We sell most products by the case only.  Additional savings can be had by buying in larger sizes.

Based on how much you order determines how much you save.  To save the most money, we suggest ordering by the full container (FCL).   Here is how to place your order:

  • Set up an account and a login so that you can place your order for pricing.
  • PRICES are shown at 1¢ so that you can use the Shopping Cart to submit what you want to have priced.
  • Submit your list of ingredients to be priced. 
  • Items not in this website that you wish to purchase, please send list to
  • We will price your list including transportation.
  • FCL (Full Container Load) purchases will generate the most savings and include FREE delivery to the nearest international port.


In order to place your order, you must first create an account.  Once created, you will be able to use the Shopping Cart to place an order.  All prices are set at 1¢.  To see the price of a product, first click on the product.  Use the Shopping Cart in the upper right hand corner to select the SIZE and QUANTITY desired.  Click on SIZE to select the size and then go to QUANTITY to choose how many.  In most cases, you can only buy in whole case lots.

Products are listed in alphabetical order, usually by brand name.  On the right hand side (Product Categories) you can see the type of product.  Just click on the product and then the names of each manufacturer will appear.  This way, you can shop by type of product (oyster sauce, fish sauce, etc) and by the name of the manufacturer (if you want a specific brand).


Letters of Credit (LC), Bank Wire Transfers or credit cards (with a 4% processing fee) are accepted.  Once we have your order ready to ship, we will send you an invoice.

NOTE:  Prices on this website are subject to change without  advance notice.