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 At Thai Food Ingredients our goal is to ship to our customers worldwide at the best prices possible.  There are no other middlemen.  Ordering is in English, easy, fast, and economical.  We ship from the port of Bangkok direct to the nearest port or door-to-door.  Orders can be full container (FCL) or by the cubic meter (LCL).

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World Wide Distribution

We offer the very best-known brands which are usually found on the shelves of stores in Thailand. To save you money, most products are sold in no less than full case lots.  Just tell us what you need.  We will consolidate your order and ship directly to you by either ship or airplane, depending on how quickly you need these ingredients.  Shipping from point A (us in Bangkok) to point B (you) is our specialty.  Once you place your order, we consolidate all items ordered quickly into one bulk shipment.  AND we can ship to you regularly at selected intervals.  We are proud to offer a great variety of quality Thai products and brands straight from Thailand.  It is very simple with us.  Just send your order to us; we will price it and send back to you.  Please send your order to or click HERE.